Los Angeles Tailor and Fashion Designer

Los Angeles tailors are two a penny. However, Los Angeles tailor and fashion designer Saverio Pisano is a cut above the rest, having created dresses that among some, Michelle Obama, Jane Fonda and Sofia Vergara wear.

Choosing a great Los Angeles tailor

Don’t just choose a Los Angeles tailor at random, or even if they’ve dressed your best friend. You need to check any tailor’s portfolio to make sure that the tailor has the ability to dress all people of different shapes and sizes.

Think about how the people they dress look. Do they seem comfortable? And does the tailor have a lot of repeat business? Repeat business is one sure indicator of quality tailoring. And feeling comfortable is the mark of well designed, well-tailored clothing.

Tailor-made clothing lasts

Having a great tailor makes your clothing an investment because well made, properly fitted clothing lasts.

It really doesn’t matter what you’re buying. It could be a special one-off wedding dress that is so exquisitely designed and made that it becomes a family heirloom.

Or a business suit that sends the message of success to everyone you meet. Because a tailored suit stands out from the crowd of off-the-peg designs you see in every meeting.

When you’re on the red carpet you don’t want to be forever adjusting your dress. You need to feel that your dress fits you like a glove, looks fantastic, is comfortable, and will compliment your looks. Something sophisticated designers and great tailors know and can produce for you.

More than that, well-tailored clothes are comfortable. They fit well and you feel great in them. You stand out from the crowd in something that has been designed and tailored to be unique to you.

Only the best tailor, in Los Angeles, or elsewhere has the ability to make you look a million dollars.

Tailoring to the Stars

Saverio Pisano has designed and tailored for some of the most prominent corporate leaders in the US. He’s also designed for many famous movie stars. And they come back because they know that they can rely on him to design something special that quietly lets people know that what they’re wearing is tailored to perfection.

Everyone might want a Pisano garment design, however only those in the know go to probably the best Los Angeles tailor there is.

So call Mr. Pisano now at (323) 273-6831 and see how he can work his tailoring magic to design and make standout clothing for you.