Why You Need a Tailored Fit Suit

A tailored fit suit should be an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe. Man or woman, tall or short, slender or curvaceous — a good suit can bring attention to all of your best features. But how is a tailored fit different than other kinds of suits? That’s the question we’re here to answer. So before you check Google for a “suit tailor near me” — here are some things you should know.

Tailored Fit Suit: the Staple Piece of Any Wardrobe

Well, unlike regular fit suits, a tailored fit suit ought to follow the lines of your body. Clearly, that can be daunting to some people. But trust us: it’s the one type of suit that looks great on most body types. After all, it’s not as tight as a slim or skinny fit, nor does it appear too boxy, like the styles that were trendy in the 80s.

Instead, a custom made tailored fit suit should reflect the natural dimensions of your body, with an additional bit of polish. The shoulder seam should ideally hit right at the natural edge of your shoulders and the suit should follow the line of your waist. Also, unlike some other suit cuts, a tailored fit suit will make your legs look long but not skinny. Basically, it’ll make you look proportional, which is why Saverio Pisano has previously made them for clients of all genders.

Naturally, suits for men are quite different than suits for women. But even those gender-based proportions aren’t the same across the board. That’s why you’ll need to hire a tailor that knows what’s best for all kinds of bodies. Moreover, they need to know how to adapt those general guidelines and make them work for your own body. That’s why off-the-rack suits often don’t work out for most people.

Fortunately, Saverio Pisano is a master patternmaker with decades of experience. Before he moved to Los Angeles to start his own business, he worked in Italy, designing suits, dresses, and everything in between. Now, he makes sure that his clients have the best outfits possible for whichever event they need them for. And a tailored fit suit is actually perfect for many different events, including proms, weddings, and galas.

A Tailored Fit Suit is Always a Classic Choice

In addition to being appropriate for all genders and all occasions, you’d also be able to wear your tailored fit suit year-round — provided that the fabric is right, of course. But then, that’s something you’ll have to discuss with your tailor. Still, we do have some tips to impart:

  • Wool is the most popular fabric for suits, especially for those made for colder weather.
  • Linen or cotton are great options for summer suits.
  • Even though gray, navy, or black are appropriate for most occasions, don’t be afraid of other colors. A bright color or even a loud print will take your look to another level.

Still, ultimately, a tailored fit suit is only as good as the tailor who makes it: so make sure to schedule an appointment with Saverio Pisano today!

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