Best Pattern Making: Custom Women’s Suits in Los Angeles, California


Welcome to Saverio Pisano Patternmaker & Tailor…

Where requisite women’s Suits are constructed to its highest quality and precision with the style that will make you look your imagination; custom women’s suits fitted to its perfection.

Saverio Pisano, Patternmaker & Tailor is a custom clothier company with over 65 years of experience in complete line of Custom & Ready-made executive women’s suits.

You can choose from thousands of suit fabrics imported from the finest mills across the globe for your special suit designs.

We are well experienced in fabrics, styles and patterns.

We will assist you in selecting a wardrobe that will stand you out among your peers and make you look gorgeous! Only few clothing items are as complex as women’s suits and this is why you need a professional touch in designing of your custom suits.

We can also offer you first class services such as: Pattern making, pattern grading, marker making, cutting and sewing of prototypes and samples, all these done within a couple of days.

We offer rush order services, consultation and short run production.

Fit issues: petite women find it difficult getting a ready-made women’s suits, as most of the cuts are too long for them, also, curvy body types struggle to find women’s suit jackets that fit at the bust line.

Women with hips have complained of finding women’s suit pants that fit without gapping at the waist. These are where we come in to give you the right fitted custom designs.

As stylists and professional tailors we know that you have a unique suit style.

Experience has shown us that some women prefer different styling in their suits, while others prefer more flair; we follow it to detail to make sure that we give you a perfect suited style that fits you most.

Regardless of the styling details our cuts always exude professionalism without compromising femininity. We have got you covered with every style of custom suits you need.

For the best pattern making, our expertise ensures that your suit will be tailored to perfection. Experience the difference with Saverio Pisano for the best pattern making in custom women’s suits.

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