Flawlessly Los Angeles custom Suits designed individually to perfection, just for you.

We’re your Smarter Way to Suit Up

By combining the best of old world tailoring with modern technology, we make perfect custom suits in Los Angeles easy and affordable.

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Every man needs a suit. Whether you are a businessman, a traveller, a job applicant, or someone who is just fond of wearing suits because suits are awesome, you deserve a suit that’s tailored just for you. Suits commands respect and shows class, and those are what make you stand out. However, as a busy person, going to the store to have your custom suits tailored in Los Angeles can be a little bit of a hassle, well not anymore.

We make high quality custom suits and custom dress shirts for busy professionals in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We also provide all of the furnishings needed to complete your custom look.

For over 60 years, Saverio Pisano has specialized in delivering Los Angeles most prestigious fabrics constructed in our highest standards of craftsmanship. Our highly-knowledgeable team of clothiers will help you determine the proper cut, fabric, and style that is suited best to reflect your personal sense of style and body type.

Everyone is built slightly different. We know the best fit is a custom fit. Mr. Pisano will capture more than 80 measurements to create your perfect fitting suit. Every our garment is unique. Mr. Pisano’s 60 years’ experience will cut and sew a one-of-a-kind suit crafted to fit just one person – you!

Why must you choose us for your custom mens suits in Los Angeles?

Nothing beats a well-fit custom Suits made by Saverio Pisano in Los Angeles… The process begins with Mr. Pisano taking your measurements. These aren’t your run of the mill, measurements. Part of the intrinsic attention to detail is that he will not only measure you, but will also use his keen experience.

With world class tailoring facilities, you will find complete outfitting facilities all under one roof. Mr. Pisano will help you to craft the finest garments in the latest styles. He follows high quality standards and was trained with the latest methods and equipment.

All our garments are constructed with pride and to exacting standards. The best part – all of our customizable styling details are provided at no additional charge. So now the question is, what are you waiting for?
It will be our privilege to serve you by bringing you the widest and latest range of fabrics for suiting, shirting and ready-to-wear garments, in an ambience that is relaxed and unhurried.
That’s it. Now all you have to do is call Mr. Pisano.

No hassles of coming time and again for trials and fitting, neither do you have to worry how you will look in the garment. If you are looking to make a custom made garment, or custom suit in Los Angeles, Saverio Pisano is a perfect fit for you.

Call us at (323) 273-6831 for your custom mens suits, shirt and coats in Los Angeles.