Avant-Garde designer gowns from one of the finest artists

With 60 years of rich experience, signore Saverio Pisano is fully dedicated to Fashion Designing, Patternmaking and Writing, performing his craft with unparalleled grace and commitment.

As an active high-profile Italian fashion designer based in Los Angeles, California, countless professionals and organizations are benefiting right now from Pisano’s beautifully-crafted designs, branded by his unique style and refinement.

Designer gowns are among his main passion, creations that are always demanded. After so many decades, Saverio Pisano continues to improve his art and these designer gowns are a reflection of this.

Know Saverio Pisano

If you are looking for stunning designer gowns and you are in or near Los Angeles, it would be impossible to ignore the services of signore Pisano. But before, learn a little bit more about this man’s extraordinary life.

He was born in Milan and raised in Buenos Aires. Since his childhood, he was deeply passionate about the finest fashion arts and trends. Even before becoming an adult, Pisano was already producing professional designs for major brands all around the world.

The Los Angeles-Based Fashion Designer You Need

Don’t rely on inexperienced professionals when it comes to designer gowns for your big event. What you need is a deeply committed expert with many years of extraordinary experience, just like Saverio Pisano.

He has created groundbreaking designer gowns, putting him among the most talented artists in this industry, one characterized by inspiration, sacrifice, and hard work. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are in need of remarkable designer gowns, Saverio Pisano is your best option. He is ready to deliver quality, commitment, and responsiveness.
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