Chic couture dresses make a lot of people nervous — they can be a bit loud, depending on the design. However, we believe that every woman should get the chance to wear a magnificent gown that was made just for her at least once. The right dress can make a woman feel powerful, desirable, and in control. Furthermore, in the hands of a master tailor like Saverio Pisano, any dress you imagine can become a reality.

The reason why most people shy away from chic couture dresses is that they usually imagine the high fashion designs they see in fashion shows. Those dresses are big and bold, and they’re usually meant to overwhelm and redesign the body. Usually, we can only imagine them in the real world on the bodies of performing artists like Lady Gaga. But you don’t have to be a supermodel or a celebrity to wear a couture dress, and you don’t need a special occasion for it, either.

In recent years, high fashion and street fashion have become more and more intermingled. For example, you often see Kim Kardashian out and about in a bodycon dress or a mesh jumpsuit. Yet, as appealing as as it may be to throw on a tight dress or a sheer jumpsuit, you don’t need to jump in the deep end straight away. Instead, you can start by choosing one of the many styles of chic couture dresses that’ll highlight everything you love about your body.

Types of Chic Couture Dresses

If you want a custom dress made for an upcoming event, start by considering the shape of it. Chic couture dresses come in all shapes and sizes. You can get a glamorous floor-length gown, a casual knee-length one, or a daring mini. Moreover, choosing the shape of the dress also gives you a lot of options:

  • Slip dresses can really accentuate a slender body type
  • Long and loose dresses are great for setting your inner flower child free
  • Flared, A-line midi dresses have a retro look about them,, and they just just look fantastic on curvy body types
  • Satin and tulle princess gowns are ideal for proms and weddings
  • Lace bodycon dresses can also accentuate curves, but in a bolder way — not everyone is comfortable wearing tight-fitting dresses

However, your custom dress doesn’t necessarily have to follow any established form. After all, Saverio Pisano’s team will design it for you from scratch. That means that you’ll have the final say on everything from the fabric and the pattern to the final fit of the dress

Chic Couture Dresses for Any Occasion

Whether you need them for weddings, galas, or red carpet events, chic couture dresses never go out of style. So if you’re looking for the perfect tailor to bring your vision to life — you’ve found him! Saverio Pisano has decades of experience making gowns and suits for his clients from his Los Angeles studio. So call us, and start building your collection of chic couture dresses today!

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