Custom Evening Gowns

A gorgeous custom evening gown doesn’t just have to be for a one-off for a wedding or a red carpet event.

When you feel like dressing up and going places a great custom evening gown is really going to help you not just fit in, but stand out!

And the reason is that the best makers of custom evening gowns work hard to make sure that the gowns fit their clients, and with the chosen cloth and tailoring show them off to their very best.

Saverio Pisano has been producing glamorous, sophisticated and even fun custom evening gowns for many decades. His approach takes everything the client asks then with a pinch of artistry and some design magic he creates an evening gown that all your friends will envy.

As Mr. Pisano observes dressing well improves your image, your self-esteem and just makes you feel much better about yourself. And the way you dress is your statement to the world about you, how you feel and your confidence.

Without a doubt a well-designed custom evening gown, that fits and you feel comfortable in, makes you feel a million dollars.

Mr. Pisano is always ready to talk about what his clients are looking for and at the same time he willingly imparts his design advice so that the result is often so much better than the client thought it could be.

The Client and Design Partnership is Key for a Custom Evening Gown

An evening gown designed by Mr. Pisano is based on his experience creating unique patterns and very careful tailoring to produce stunning creations for each client. At the same time Saverio Pisano has the flair to create a design that is the best for you and makes sure that what you’re asking for suits you, your body shape and how you want to be seen.

Are Custom Evening Gowns Affordable?

Before you even think of how much, think beyond that to how you will look and feel. After all anyone can go into a dress shop buy a little something off the rail and look pretty good.

However, you can’t go in, get it off the rail and feel fantastic, comfortable, and envied by all your friends too! That’s because they shop where you shop, they’ve seen that dress and maybe they bought it too. Plus, it doesn’t stand out, it’s doesn’t fit you where it should. So your off the rail purchase won’t go anywhere to making you feel fabulous. Now when you look at the price, just think what you’re buying. You’re not just buying material that’s been roughly sewn in your size. You’re buying the years of experience

Mr. Pisano has spent to be able to create truly beautiful and uniquely designed custom evening gowns that fit perfectly, and you don’t spend all evening adjusting.

Custom Evening Gowns can look any way you want!

A custom evening gown is unique to you. Mr. Pisano will guide you through the masses of materials, trims and looks to a design that works exactly for you. And not just works, your dress makes a statement about you, that here is a wonderful, balanced and glamorous woman.

Mr. Pisano’s careful discussions with you about design and materials, his accurate measuring, clever pattern making, expert cutting, and sensitive fitting results in a dress that shows you off to your very, very best!

Be the Envy of Every Woman!

You can be the envy of every woman you meet in your gorgeous Pisano creation. So ring Saverio Pisano now at (323) 273-6831 and talk to him about how to bring the best of you out in your custom evening gown.