Custom Tailored Suits

About A custom tailored suit is the best piece of clothing you can own if you’re a high-flying executive, movie mogul or just plain want to get ahead in life.

Not all custom tailored suits about are the same. Los Angeles has many tailors and so it can be difficult to find one who will give you the best custom tailored suit ever!

Finding the best Los Angeles Tailors

The Expertise website reviewed over 700 of the tailors in Los Angeles and came down to a short-list of 18. And one of those was Saverio Pisano who is credited with many years of creating custom tailored suits for executives and celebrities.

Design is Key for a Custom Tailored Suit

When Mr. Pisano designs a suit it is backed with decades of experience designing and pleasing thousands of clients. Many of those clients have very exacting requirements which Mr. Pisano incorporates into their suit design.

At the same time Mr. Pisano has the flair to create a design that is the best for you and makes sure that what you’re asking for suits you and your body shape. Does your partner sigh when you come back from buying your latest off the peg suit?

That’s because we can’t see ourselves properly in a suit. Mr. Pisano, with his design eye, can see exactly what works for you. That means your partner will be pleased with what he creates for you.

Are custom tailored suits necessary?

The question really should be, do you want to project an image of confidence and comfort in your own skin?

The real deal is that a custom tailored suit sets you up for the day. Because of the tailoring to your body shape, height and the way you stand and move the suit is designed to make the most of you.

And when you have one of our custom suits fitted you’ll feel a million dollars. No need to continually readjust your collar, your jacket or anything that doesn’t fit quite right as you do with an off-the- peg suit. Knowing it’s tailored to fit immediately makes you feel more comfortable. That comfort and feeling of relaxation helps that projection of confidence.

Custom tailored suits can be in any fabric you want

The great thing about a custom tailored suit is that you’re not “told” what to wear by the ranges available when you buy an off-the- peg suit. You can select the material, guided by Mr. Pisano, to ensure the fabric and design will suit you and help you display yourself at your very best.

Getting a Custom Tailored Suit Isn’t Expensive

They always say you get what you pay for. And there’s no doubt that a properly designed and tailored suit should last you a long time. Whilst maintaining its integrity and look. That means you look better for longer than in a suit that you just bought from a clothes shop.

Call Saverio Pisano now at (323) 273-6831 and talk to a true designer to see what sort of custom tailored suit would be best for you.