Why Me

What has prompted me to write my first book?

I was the first teacher in spite of my young age, the Centro Italo French Couture Buenos Aires (the most publicized Academy). My biggest problem were the tests and more tests I had to do to stay well garments.

That was what made me decide to make the necessary studies to avoid the tests and trials.
Of course: I did not want to make any book I wanted only to be a designer, and, because it was my ideal, and my will.

The ideas flowed me gushing and, most students only wanted my creations.

He wanted to offer my studies completely free to the Director of the Institute, which thanked me, but rejected, then with the passage of time i would copy me very blatant way.

How was I decided to make my own institute?
It was in one of those classes where she attended a lady (who later became my girlfriend and then my Lady), where I mentioned that there were many cases where I used my studies in order to break free of the annoying tests and where the Director of the Institute to save the situation he said that “we do not clothes and bodies.”

It was this lady that pushed me to put my own Institute of Haute Couture (Haute Couture), and really do not need advertising, because a student recommending to another, and so thereby grew to become school
where we got more category and three times the distinction of Lady Most Elegant Country, which never got any school.

A very important advice I give to you is:. Before making a mold, carefully study it well so as to make them, has no objection, and another very important advice is that you
take measures as correct, since these depends all success.

I would also say that this is not a system but a product of my long years of experience and above all the fruit of much hard work.

One last tip, if you have any doubt that any move was not well taken (because the person moved, and not warning you), use a disposable cloth to test the garment.

Finally I strongly believe in fate.
I wanted to be a designer, but the fault has written four books owe the Centro Italo French couture and my girlfriend.