The Top 5 Rules for Kim Kardashian Style

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Kim-Kardashian-StyleFashion followers who want to take inspiration from a Kim Kardashian style know how to make her look work for them. For some, it can take awhile to get a hang of Kim’s signature style, but once they have it down, these are the five golden rules they always follow.

Rule #1: Get Creative

Making the most of a Kim Kardashian style means getting a bit creative. Whether it’s matching up a loose leopard print top with the almost too tight pencil skirt or marrying colors in a new way, making a splash means braking away from some traditional ideas. That doesn’t mean adoption a Kim Kardashian style means throwing fashion tradition out the window – but pushing the limits is what drives fashion forward.

Rule #2: No Fear

Whether it means taking the plunge with a new dress or finally strapping on those heels you went into debt over – Kim Kardashian style is all about taking risks and being a trend setter. Looking good builds confidence and that’s where the Kim Kardashian style attitude comes from. Don’t worry if you don’t feel the force right away – this can take some time to build up to.

Rule #3: Mix It Up

Mixing patterns and colors can be a challenge but, ultimately, it’s a rewarding one. Mixing things up and taking a new approach to style is what fashion is all about and Kim embraces it. Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations or even vintage pieces from contrasting eras. Designers like Saverio Pisano understand the importance of mixing things up and pushing the envelope – that’s why he’s able to create the Kim Kardashian casual style look so easily. His work is recognized from Milan to Los Angeles and for good reason – decades of experience in the fashion world has given him an eye for combining fabrics and textures into a signature look.

Rule #4: Flaunt It if You Got It

Of course, the cornerstone to true Kim Kardashian Style is a celebration of the female form. For years, women were told their hips should be straighter, their legs slimmer and their bodies less curvaceous. The popularity of Kim Kardashian style has shattered that idea and now the more curves you have, the more fun you can have in the world of fashion.

Rule #5: Smooth and Polished

Perfection simply can’t be rushed and while she may make it look easy, pulling together Kim Kardashian style take a bit of time and an eye for detail. As you’re putting together your own look inspired by Kim Kardashian style be sure you’ve matched everything up from top to toe. It’s the best way to pull off that iconic Kim Kardashian style even after you’ve added your own unique signature.




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