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Los Angeles tailor Saverio Pisano believes clothes really do make the person. Someone who takes pride in how he dresses will be treated differently than someone who just puts on whatever clothes are at hand.

“Clothes are an outward expression of the inner person. Clothes tell the world who you are, what you feel on that day. They also tell people what you plan to do it and how you plan to do it,” said Los Angeles tailor Saverio Pisano. “To put it rather simplistically, you would not wear a tuxedo to change the oil in a car and you would not wear clothes used to change the oil to a formal event.”

Custom tailored clothes fit a person exactly. This precise fit shows when the person is still or moving. When properly fitted the clothes are almost an extension of the person, Mr. Pisano said.

A good tailor must know what his customer wants and needs as well as what the clothing will be used for. Materials and fabrics are also very important in this decision.
Los Angeles Tailor

“There are simple decisions to make, like wool for winter, lighter fabrics for summer, matching the colors to the season and so forth, but a more difficult decision is knowing what a person will look good wearing. Some people can wear muted tones very well while bright and loud colors look garish on them. Some people can wear very exciting patterns and make it look good,” he said. “Some people need solids.”

He pointed to the legendary band leader Doc Severinsen as a person who carries off bright looks and patterns very well.


Another critical factor in dressing well and tailored clothing is comfort.

“When a person is comfortable in the clothes they wear, that attitude is very apparently. It is equally apparent when they are in clothes they find uncomfortable,” Mr. Pisano. “People prefer to be around someone who is comfortable. They feel more at ease then. When clothes make a person feel a certain way, that spreads to those around them.”

He pointed to the late Rock Hudson and several of the actors who have played James Bond over the years, especially Sean Connery.

“These men are striking no matter what they wear, but when they put on a tuxedo, they are the very epitome of sartorial elegance. Why? They are comfortable wearing such a formal outfit,” he said.

For a lady’s version he chose the late Elizabeth Taylor. Ms. Taylor, he said, appeared elegant in whatever she wore.

“Even in ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ with Richard Burton, she was simply amazing in the clothes she wore for that movie. Yes, she carried herself well, but she was comfortable in the clothes,” he said. “It truly makes a difference.”

A custom fit, which cannot be found in off-the-rack clothing goes a long way to provide the ease of being comfortable, he said.


“Looking at a tailor’s portfolio is important,” he said. “It is equally important to look at the people the tailor has dressed. How do they look? Does the tailor have a lot of repeat business?”

These are indicators of quality, he said, and signs that custom clothes from that tailor will be what the person wants.

Custom made clothes are not inexpensive, but considering the quality provided and the use that should come from a tailored garment, tailored clothing should not be considered expensive either.

“It does not matter what you are buying. If you buy a suit for business meetings, then you need something that will last for years and continue to make you look good and professional,” he said. “If you want a wedding dress, you want something memorable, something that creates a look that will last for ages. A wedding dress is something you may personally never wear again, but a daughter or granddaughter may. It needs to be timeless.”

Mr. Pisano’s company has been dressing some of the most prominent corporate leaders to some of Hollywood’s movie stars for more than 20 years.Clients say the workmanship, knowledge, attention to detail and service is what makes why they keep coming back

“We pride ourselves by providing you with value, knowledge, & a very personal service,” he said

ABOUT SAVERIO PISANO – With more than 65 years in the clothing industry, Mr. Pisano’s company has been dressing Hollywood elite for decades. His pattern making work has been a template for many current and past fashions as well as unique designs worn by the stars. He offers custom tailored clothing for men and women. He can be reached at http://patternmaker-tailor.net/ or by calling (323) 273-6831.