Pattern maker is the most single important point in the fashion design as he has the most control over the quality of the final product. Every pattern maker must poses manufacturing and sewing skills. It is important to work with pattern makers who have a deep understanding of the whole design process from concept to sewing.

Services Available

  • Pattern making
  • All pre-production assistance
  • Complete post production help
  • Grading the pattern
  • Marker making
  • Short run production
  • Cutting and sewing prototypes and samples
  • Consultations
  • Rush orders available. Done within a couple of days.

 Technical Sketch

Flat sketches can be used as a base to provide technical information as part of a Technical Specification

Illustrating construction, dimension and trim or embellishment placements will make specifications easier to understand

 Working Sketch

Some of our clients prefer to give us rough sketches to perfect and more clearly define style details and proportion
Working sketches include a croquis showing proportion in relation to the body in addition to stitching and construction details
A precise, detail oriented working sketch can keep pattern making costs and development time to a minimum.

Working Sketch

Defining silhouettes which offer an enticing combination of proportion, balance, line, shape, value, colour and texture

It’s important to make sure that sketches reflect every stitch detail and show front and back views of the design, along with enlarged views of specific details

Item Groups

In order to keep good track of progress at the development stage, most companies group their items (styles) by fabric

Technical Design

Set of instructions created to communicate individual fabric handling requirements, machine settings, sewing instructions and finished measurements

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