Los Angeles Patternmaker

What is pattern making ?

Los Angeles pattern maker Saverio Pisano says “Making patterns for clothes can be a rewarding experience and career, but becoming good at it takes a lot of practice”.
Called “pattern making,” this is the art of drawing on paper the pieces needed to create any garment. The pattern should include all the directions someone will need to produce an article of clothing which will look like the artist envisioned when drawing out the pattern.Los Angeles Patternmaker
While it sounds simple, it is not. Mr. Pisano likened it to designing a house. An architect needs to know the building materials, size and where the house is going to be built. Other things like plumbing, the location of rooms like the kitchen and master bedroom and wiring have to be figured in too. All this has to be done within a budget as well, he noted.
“When you design a pattern for clothes, instead of bricks and wire and water pipes, you have things like as grain line – This is the make of the material. Some material stretches if not cut in the correct manner. – and extra pieces like a collar, sizing an extra material that makes the collar lay flat or a shoulder so it will keep its shape,” he said. “You must also include places for buttons, button holes, zippers and so forth.”


Science and art

Pattern making is both an art and a science.
“The science comes in where knowing how a particular fabric must be cut and what it will look like when sewn a certain way. Science is also in the measuring and making sure the cuts are correct and putting the material together is done properly,” he said.
The art is designing something that will look good on a person.
“What looks stunning on one person may look like a fancy garbage bag on another person,” he said. “An artist’s eye must be used to decide how a person will look when clothed in a certain way.”
There are two routes to becoming a pattern maker, learning under the direction of a master pattern making or attending a college to learn in school. In the either case, Los Angeles patternmaker Mr. Pisano said a pattern maker’s portfolio should be examined for proof of their ability.