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Custom Dressmaking

“Tailored dress more than clothing, it is art and self-expression” says Los Angeles dressmaker Saverio Pisano.

When most people think about a custom tailored dress they think about a red carpet event or a bride’s dress for a wedding.

Mr Saverio Pisano is encouraging people to think again.

“A tailored dress does not have to be a one-event outfit,” he said. “An elegant dress, tailored for a woman, can be worn to formal events, to receptions, to parties or to just about any place where the lady feels a need to dress up.”

A well-made dress is more than a piece of clothing. It is a personal expression of the person, a statement, he said.

“What a custom-tailored dress says about you is what you want the world to know. It is more than just something to wear. It is more than fashion. It is an official statement that should come from your heart,” he said.los angeles dressmaker

“Dressing well can help improve your image, self esteem, and generally just make you feel better about yourself. It is not superficial! It is a very personal exercise that is repeated everyday. In your dress, you reveal part of who you are to the rest of the world. Therefore, it is a unique opportunity that we have everyday to make our day a little bit better for ourselves and others. Dressing better will improve your life in all areas of your life. Try it and you will see,” he says on his website.


When looking for a dress maker, Mr. Pisano said a person should consider the styles the dress maker has made to date. Dressmaking is an art and science with art being the more important of the two. He explained the science is knowing how to measure, sew, understanding fabrics and the like.


“The art comes from the mind and the heart. Art is expression, it cannot be measured with a tape, trimmed with scissors and sew on a machine. Two different designers will come up with two different dresses for the same lady,” he said. “This is not bad and it is not necessarily good. It just is. Because of this, you need to find a dress maker who designs styles you personally like.”


“Off the rack is low cost and very much a uniform. With a tailored dress, you get the product of designers and craftspeople, giving you a unique opportunity to express yourself. It combines artistic touches, fit, a choice of fabric far behind what’s available in most stores and will be tailored to your request,” he said. “You want to be seen and treated as an individual with specific tastes.”

Buying a tailored dress is not a matter of walking into a shop, picking out something and walking out. It takes times. A person must be measured and more than one fitting may be required.

“Remember, you are not just buying a dress. You are buying a work of art. It takes time create art and it will take time to make a dress that you will remember for many years to come,” Mr. Pisano said.


A dressmaker can start from nothing and design something or take whatever the client has in mind and go from there. This means taking a concept and turning it into reality.

Mr. Pisano said some clients come to him with a specific look or pattern in mind, a certain fabric, a need or any combination of that and he can come up with a design.

“A dressmaker should, first and foremost, work to make a creation his client is happy with. If the customer is happy, then the dressmaker has succeeded,” he said. “This is another part of the artist and the scientist in the dressmaker. Art is a very individual and personal thing, but science applies equally to all. By merging these two disciplines, a good dressmaker makes something that stands apart.”

ABOUT SAVERIO PISANO – With more than 65 years in the clothing industry, Mr. Pisano’s company has been dressing Hollywood elite for decades. His pattern making work has been a template for many current and past fashions as well as unique designs worn by the stars. He offers custom tailored clothing for men and women. Los Angeles Dressmaker Saverio Pisano can be reached at http://patternmaker-tailor.net/ or by calling (323) 273-6831.