Kim Kardashian White Dress Rules – Make the Most of the Look

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kim-kardashian-white-dress-1When considering the rules for making the most out of a single items of clothing, look at Kim Kardashian white dress rules can change the way you look at your closet. Although the ‘little black dress’ gets all the attention, when you know how to make the most out of that white dress you rarely wear, suddenly, your fashion world can become a whole lot bigger.

Consider the Style

The color white often puts people off as we all worry about dropping something on it or brushing up against anything that could leave a mark. But getting over the color and focusing on the style can help you see that white dress in a whole new light. A Kim Kardashian dress style usually means letting the dress shine, so to speak, while using subtle accessories and complimentary makeup and hair to showcase the look.

White, Off-White and Other Variations

Of course, sporting an iconic Kim Kardashian white dress doesn’t mean you have to go for blazingly bright white. Just like any other color, white dresses come in a multitude of shades – and each one offers its own unique set of advantages. Depending on your own skin tone, hair color and other features, an eggshell white may look amazing while a muted off-white make you look washed out. Experiment with different shades to find the right match for you – finding the right kind of Kim Kardashian white dress may take some time, but it’s time well spent.

Don’t Be Afraid to Step Out with Style

The most infamous Kim Kardashian white dress is, of course, the one she wore while pregnant with her daughter. The form fitting dress made headlines everywhere and gave many pregnant women the confidence they needed to celebrate their bodies. Kim has always worked to pave the way for a more fashion forward culture and when photos of the infamous Kim Kardashian white dress hit the airwaves, women began to realize that being pregnant was no reason to drop out of the fashion race.

Using the Kim Kardashian white dress approach to your own wardrobe can help you see everything you own in a new light. Kim has been able to take one of the most underused items of clothing for women and turn it into a new fashion icon which has become the building block for some of the most head-turning looks around, including those created by top designers such as Saverio Pisano. Pisano is able to build on iconics looks, such as Marilyn Monroe, to create form fitting and eye catching looks, including those such as the infamous Kim Kardashian white dress, to push the boundaries of fashion and encourage women to celebrate their beauty, their size and their style.



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