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Fashion design is more than just a runway model, says Los Angeles fashion designer Saverio Pisano

When most people talk about fashion and fashion design, the thoughts turn to ladies and lady wear. Only a few people will think of men and magazines like GQ which carter to the male fashion industry, despite that being about half of the population and so wearing about half the clothes on any given day.

“Men and women are fashion conscious to some degree or another,” said Mr. Pisano. “It’s just that men’s styles don’t change as dramatically as the ladies’ and they get less attention for it. But fashion is important to both genders. But this too is changing. I have seen, in my career, men become more and more concerned about what they wear and how they wear it. Men increasingly appreciate how they look in casual and business wear and do not mind doing what’s needed to get the look they want.”
Fashion Designer Los Angeles
“Do clothes make the man or woman? Of course they do. Don’t think otherwise. If you believe that your dress is not important to your employer, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend, think again. From my experience of fitting thousands of people in my tailor shop, people do care about how you dress. Give everyone who cross your path each day the consideration of looking your best for them,” he said on his website.


Fashion varies by season, location, culture and time. What is fashionable one day in one place may be considered terrible on the same day in another place, he said.

“In Asian countries, business attire for men is slacks, a shirt with long or short sleeves and tie. Suits are worn for formal business meetings and important presentations. Ladies can wear skirts, slacks or even traditional clothes from that country,” he said. “Suits are standard for American business leaders with ladies sometimes wearing formal skirt ensembles. It is important to match your attire to where you are.”

It is also important to dress for the occasion, he said.

“If you attend Carnival in Brazil, you’re going to dress differently than if you attend the New Year’s celebration in New York. For one thing, Carnival in Brazil is going to be warm and New York on Jan. 1 is going to be cold,” he said. “In Brazil, bright and flashy colors, even body paint, with an emphasis on attracting attention is what people are after. At the Big Apple to watch the ball fall, you’re going to need to dress for snow and keeping warm.”

But in general, men’s fashions change more slowly than that for ladies, he said. Men can almost always get by with solid colors while ladies’ fashions will go through color and pattern shifts regularly.

“At that, there are some timeless styles. A black tuxedo for a man has been the top for formal wear for decades. An elegant and simple dress off one shoulder with matching heels for the lady will see a couple compliment each other very well,” he said.


There are a few fashion houses from around the globe which always seem to be critic favorites and media darlings no matter what they put out. Smaller design houses are often overlooked by the big fashion industries, but still produce quality designs.

“If you are looking for someone to design clothing for you, look at their portfolio. Do you like what you see? Do their designs hold up well under a variety of uses? Do they design for a person of your size?” he said. “Not everyone is a size 1 and six feet tall. What looks good on a person like that may not look good on someone just over 5 feet tall and a size 5. You need to be sure the designer can come up with clothing that you will be comfortable and look good in.”

If possible ask to speak with other clients, he suggested.


“If you have ideas of what you want done, this is good, but listen to the designer too. This is his area of expertise. Consider his suggestions and let him do h8is work. If you are building a house and the architect suggests you change something and explains why, it’s a good idea to go with that suggestion,” Mr. Pisano said. “They get paid to do this and make their living at it. They know things which you probably don’t. Besides which, you hired them for their expertise. Use it.”

ABOUT SAVERIO PISANO – With more than 65 years in the clothing industry, Mr. Pisano’s company has been dressing Hollywood elite for decades. His pattern making work has been a template for many current and past fashions as well as unique designs worn by the stars. As a Los Angeles fashion designer  He offers custom tailored clothing for men and women. He can be reached at or by calling (323) 273-6831.