Chic Kim Kardashian Outfits For the Holidays

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Kim-Kardashiam-OutfitsKim Kardashian outfits have always been attention grabbers. This approach makes sense when you’re hitting the town, but what about when it’s time to make the holiday dinner and holiday circuit? We’ll take a look at a few Kim Kardashian outfits that can compliment this holiday season perfectly while helping you to shine.

Delicate Laces Paired With Classic Black

One look that crops up time and time again in many Kim Kardashian outfits is the pairing of laces and classic blacks. This look can be hard to pull off but if you do it right, you can make a splash without having to overhaul your wardrobe. Choosing the lace can be the most difficult part and many times, opting for a cropped jacket, fake fur or other top accessory can help the look blend much better. Take some cues from other Kim Kardashian outfits to find the right accessories or wraps to make the look your own.

Expert Layers

Over the years, Kim has used layering to make some of her outfits flatter without revealing too much of her figure. These Kim Kardashian outfits have become especially popular among pregnant women or those who simply prefer a less fitted look. This look is perfect for over the holidays as it gives women the chance to make the most out of high fashion even if they haven’t grown to love all their curves. These types of Kim Kardashian outfits can give you the foundation you need to boost your confidence over time and offer and easy and accessible way to get into a more fashionable look.

The Updated Wraparound

Out of all the Kim Kardashian dress styles you can choose from, the updated wraparound is probably the most popular. This look simply takes the classic wrap dress and updates it with accessories and shoes. Kim is especially fond of pairing a dress in a complimentary color with nude heels in order to keep the focus on the dress. This is another one of the Kim Kardashian outfits that most women can emulate with what they already have in their wardrobe.

These signature Kim Kardashian outfits offer people the chance to step onto the fashion stage without going too far out of their comfort level. These styles are available through designers such as Saverio Pisano, who work to bring this iconic look to everyone. His work is based on combining iconic looks such as Kim’s, with the personal look of each client he works with, creating a look that is at once recognizable and enviable. Choosing from these three basic looks can easily update your entire look and give you the push you need to get a little daring with your look. Best of all, each of these Kim Kardashian outfits are simple enough to pull off with what you have but will still help you stand out during the holiday season.


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