3 Kim Kardashian Dress Styles That Flatter in Surprising Ways

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Kim-Kardashian-DressFashion fans all over the world have taken cues from various Kim Kardashian dress styles over the years. After all, when it comes to choosing the perfect dress, Kim is always a step ahead. Since many Kim Kardashian dress choices flatter her figure and celebrate her curves, she has inspired Kim Kardashian dress-alikes across the globe. Here we’ll take a look at the top three Kim Kardashian dress styles that flatter figures in every country.

Cutout Dress

Plenty of celebrities have used the Cutout Dress to make headlines when they hit the red carpet but when Kim wears it, she has a whole lot more to flaunt. This Kim Kardashian dress style can flatter a surprising array of figures. Since the cutouts can either be true cuts – where no fabric is present – another approach is to use contrasting colors to create a cutout look without exposing any skin.

The Bandage Inspired Kim Kardashian Dress

Kim is perhaps best known for her signature ‘bandage dress’ style. Some throw the title around like it’s a bad thing, but Kim not only pulls off the form fitting look, she elevates it. In the world of Kim Kardashian dress styles, the Bandage Dress definitely requires the most confidence. But with the right air of confidence, this is a style that can work for just about anyone.

Couture Layers

The layer look is nothing new but few celebrities – or designers – have been able to pull it off like Kim Kardashian. Kim loved this look when she was pregnant – and for good reason. This particular Kim Kardashian outfit draws its strengths from using the same colors and textures along with special layering techniques. This type of Kim Kardashian dress is best for women who may want to camouflage some problem areas or for those who want something flattering without being so form fitting.

Fans of various Kim Kardashian dress styles often wonder where they can pick up her signature looks. There are now ways to get her style on your budget through Saverio Pisano. His work has allowed women all over the world to emulate Kim’s iconic look, while still showing off their own unique fashion personality. Styles that can flatter your figure can boost your self-confidence and these top three Kim Kardashian dress styles are in demand, in style and potentially in your future.

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